September 2014 - SAW is on YouTube

Check out the latest SecureAccess Washington How-To videos on YouTube.

August 2014 - Mobile Device Support

SecureAccess Washington now supports mobile devices! Try us out on your phone or tablet.

November 2013 - New SAW web pages

We have given SAW a fresh new look, but don't worry, all your data, login information, and services are still available on the new site.

October 2013 - Knowledge Based Authentication

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) has been added to SAW. Here is what it means to you:

  • Some services require a higher level of security. The first time you register for a high security service, you will have to complete KBA
  • KBA is a multiple choice quiz that helps us verify your identity.
  • When you complete KBA, you can enroll in Adaptive Authentication. This creates your high security profile.
  • Once you have a high security profile, you can add other high security services without repeating these steps. This is a one time process.

May 2013 - Adaptive Authentication

SAW has added Adaptive Authentication to its suite of security features. Adaptive Authentication (AA) provides multi-factor or two step authentication for services that use sensitive data. Here is how it works:

  • When users enroll in AA they choose and answer secret questions and provide phone numbers.
  • When a user accesses a service protected by AA, they may be asked to answer their security questions or enter an access code on their phone.